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Could a Marriott franchise agreement hurt your hotel’s value?

Before buying into a Marriott franchise agreement, hoteliers should learn the potential downsides that may come into play if they want to sell in the future. Our latest guide for Marriott franchisees explores the ways in which their franchise agreements could impact both the value and the pool of buyers for their properties. You can […]

What is the value of loyalty?

On August 18, 2018, Marriott merged its loyalty programs. With all the news around the merger, we at UNITE HERE felt it was a good time to analyze the rewards program overall. Our latest report takes a look at the program and its recent changes. One key roadblock to this analysis is that Marriott’s rewards […]

Did Marriott set up competition across the street?

Now that Marriott is the biggest hotel company in the world, franchisees and developers should make sure they have all the tools they need to defend their interests. Negotiating for a Restricted Area or Area of Protection in your franchise agreement is one way to protect your hotel. If Marriott won’t guarantee you a protected […]

Can you control your renovation costs?

One of the significant uncertainties hotel franchisees face is the cost of renovations mandated by the franchisor. All hotels must periodically face expenses associated with refreshes and renovations, but compared to franchisees, independent owners may be better able to control the costs, timing and frequency of such updates. Our new guide has information Marriott franchisees can […]