Do you know how Marriott uses your Marketing Fund contributions?

Last month, UNITE HERE started this site as both an informational resource for Marriott franchisees and a way of learning about your concerns. Now, we have conducted an analysis of Marriott’s franchise disclosure documents and some Marriott franchise agreements. Based on what we found, we created a report – which you can view here – that we hope will help you navigate one important aspect of your relationship with Marriott: marketing fees.

As a Marriott franchisee, you may be surprised to learn that Marriott can use your marketing fund contributions for non-marketing purposes. In fact, Marriott has no duty to use fund money in a way that benefits you. Marriott can increase your marketing fees (up to a limit) or demand that you undertake or participate in additional marketing efforts not covered by the marketing fund. Our report has several additional things you should be aware of regarding your marketing fees.

Marketing fees are just one small piece of the franchisor-franchisee relationship. As we move forward, we want to provide information you can use. Last month we posted a survey about your experiences as a franchisee with Marriott. If you have not completed it yet, you can do so on our survey page.

If you want, we can look at your franchise agreement and provide you with additional information that you may find useful. You can get in touch with us using our contact form.

The more you tell us about your experiences and concerns, the more we can provide information on the topics most important to you!