Compare your Courtyard franchise agreement to these ten

Ever wondered if other Courtyard franchisees got the same deal as you did? Now you can find out.

Below find ten executed Courtyard agreements for you to download and read. They may not necessarily still be in effect. We have a collection of other brands’ agreements too, so look back here for more in the coming weeks.

We did some of the work for you to compare some of the core terms. The agreements below are similar in the categories we explored, but not identical. One franchisee got a roughly quarter-square-mile restricted territory around their hotel, where Marriott agreed not to allow any new “System Hotels” for six and a half years.

The table below does not summarize every aspect of the agreements. The best way to compare the agreements to your own is to read them.

DISCLAIMER: This is a high-level summary of terms and is not intended to state the complete terms of the relevant franchise agreement.  The reader should review each franchise agreement for complete and accurate information as to its terms.